Blind Dedicated Smart Glasses

Smart glasses and even allows the blind to read the menu. Miniature camera the information, and then pocket the micro-computer processing of the information, and then through the headphones allow the wearer to know the words on the menu. Other uses include lead their wearers found showing bright door handles on a large building such as exports and lenses. This Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet smart glasses inventor, this is the beginning of computer vision to change the gold era. These latest studies not only make the computer see a single object, such as the face and the words, but also to understand the whole scene. Vice-President of the Royal Society Anthony-Professor said Hicks inspiring scientific work. His invention has the potential to change the lives of many people. Hicks has completed a preliminary study, a large number of blind people in the end of this year plans to test the body basic version of this smart glasses. Although they not suitable for totally blind people but the UK will benefit thousands of blind people.
Forget Google Glass it, that wear them like a robot, but too expensive, start-up companies Ion Glass came up with his own good idea. Its shape is very different with Google Glass, unique design, you can perform the role of notification, remote control and alarm, and you can also light. But fashion design can be used as ordinary optical Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap glasses or sunglasses belt. When you set up on the App, you receive a message when the glasses will gently flash, rather than appear on the display and this light only you can see. And just a simple notification feature, does not force you to consume that information. British scientists say they are developing smart glasses; maybe you can identify the object to translate signals into speech, thus providing navigation services in the unfamiliar surroundings of the blind.
In fact, the majority of blind people still retain some limited visual function, they can perceive light and movement, but has never had the right technology to exploit and enhance these capabilities. Now, scientists at Oxford University, developed a complex set of glasses, cameras and software can be used to detect objects and objects displayed on the glasses lenses. The smart glasses works as follows, Located at the corner of two small Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses will be like the human eye, like a camera, take two different images. Subsequently, the glasses will provide the information displayed on the camera lens on the transparent LED display, so people who wear glasses can see an enhanced version of the image. Set of glasses on the handset will translate information into speech for people who wear glasses direction or instruction read out loud signal. In addition, this eyewear is also equipped with a compass, a GPS and a tool for measuring the orientation of the glasses.
The team recently won a prize from the Royal Society, to continue to promote this research. Next, they hope to develop the appropriate software to provide a variety of useful features for blind people. The brightness of the glasses will be used to show the depth can be based on a person movement pattern to detect whether his presence. The glasses may also be able to read the location or number of buses and provides GPS navigation through the handset head. The study lead author said the smart glasses probably mark the computer. University of Oxford, these blind bionic glasses started to develop very early, relatively bulky at first, when its appearance has little difference with Cheap Oakleys ordinary glasses. The device is unique in that the blind can perceive light can outline the contours of the front of the image, combined with its handset device can even help them to read the text on the ATM screen. However, it is only suitable for the faint glow still perceived visually impaired; glasses can help them regain sufficient independence.

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